Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment includes any machine powered by electricity. It usually consists of an enclosure, a variety of electrical components, and often a power switch. IT equipment (computers, printers etc.) Motors, pumps and HVAC Systems.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer
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From ₹ 5,000.00
Rectifier Transformers
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From ₹ 32,000.00

Transformers & Transformer Parts

Transformers are used to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. These include core, windings, insulating materials, transformer oil, tap changer, conservator, breather, cooling tubes, Buchholz Relay and explosion vent.

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From ₹ 32,000.00


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Servo Stabilizer Three Phase
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From ₹ 12,000.00
Servo Stabilizer Single Phase
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From ₹ 15,000.00
Air Conditioner Voltage Stabilizer
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From ₹ 1,500.00

Electrical Products

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Control Panel
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From ₹ 35,000.00

Electrical Panels & Distribution Box

A distribution box ensures that electrical supply is distributed in the building, also known as a distribution board, panel board, breaker panel, or electric panel. The cable is connected to the distribution board and the power is distributed through the breakers in the secondary circuits (lights and plugs).

Power Factor Correction Panel
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From ₹ 25,000.00

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